New Features & Improvements

After interacting with 40,000 beta users, we are doubling down our focus to provide an easy way for creative teams to think, imagine and show their ideas.

We’ve heard and read a long list of suggestions and we have delivered on them:

Visual Collaboration

  • Comments in-place: Start discussions around any element on a mural. Idea discussions become fluid and playful.


  • Mentions: By mentioning someone in a comment or chat (@username), collaborators can stay in the loop. An email and an in-app notification is automatically sent.
  • Enhanced Activity Feed: Everything added and changed inside a mural is tracked to let everyone understand what changed. All decisions are tracked.


  • Reduced disconnection errors: It was annoying so we dealt with it. Almost no errors in our logs and 99,87% uptime.
  • Ideas are top secret: We now use SSL Encryption (Data encryption just like any bank or e-commerce site) for all connections to maximize privacy and security.


  • Mural backups: You can now export all elements added to a mural into a zip file. This way you can always have a local backup in your hard drive.


  • Shapes with Color: You can color code sections in the Mural with colorful squares and circles. Transparent shapes are helpful to highlight an area.
  • Resize Multiple elements: You can now resize multiple elements at once, this makes it easy to rearrange elements inside a mural.



  • Google Drive integration: Lots of documents there? Organize them directly in a Mural with the new seamless integration.



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